Mamutov steg - Kamnik 1

domača stran kamniških skavtov


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Who's been first? - Mammoths!

Who's the biggest? - Mammoths!

Who are we? - Mammoths!

(shout of the group)


Mammoth's scout group - Kamnik 1 - operates in town Kamnik for 25 years. During this period lots of youngs got a chance to meet the scout way of living and wholly expand their abilities.

The name of the group was given after the mammoth skeleton, which was found nearby Kamnik, as only skeleton of this kind in Slovenia. The scout group contains around 110 members, 23 of them scout leaders.

There are four age groups, which meet in different ways, but mostly have meetings in our scout centre, which is located in a new wing of Franciscan's monastery in Kamnik. We begin with scout activities every year at the beginning of school year in September, but for the fixed terms of our meetings we agree together in a way that they suits to all participants.

Presentation of every age group in picture and text, its method and actual projects which take place in a particular group may be read in a presentation of the groups on sub pages.

Anybody can become a scout, regardless of his/her personal or religious beliefs, if only s/he is interested in associating with coevals in nature, where s/he can learn many useful and interesting things for life, like coocking, making fire, forecasting the weather, "building" buildings out of wood and placing a tent. Memories on scout activities are always full of adventures, joyful evenings with games and guitar by the camping fire and adrenalin "Way of Surviving". Older scouts appreciate they've been learned about public performance, good communication, guiding a group and team work - knowledges, which are nowadays worth millions and are extremely useful at any kind of work.

If you've got any question or you'd like to contact us, use email of our scout group: Kamnik1@Skavt.Net or write directly to one of our leaders.

Take pleasure in reading this page.

Be prepared!

Kamnik scout group leaders.

Camping at big summer camps - something ordinary

Traditional scout's lunch - baking frankfurters

Taking care for body and soul - covered with healthy mood from the survival path

A group tyre rididng - the best winter sport

Revealing borders of possible and unpossible

At scouts the love is everywhere


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