Mamutov steg - Kamnik 1

domača stran kamniških skavtov


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Stone to a stone - Stonies!

The best troop - This are we!

(shout of the troop)


The Troop Kamenčki (Stonies) is the middle scouts age group. It's been founded in year 1992/1993 and it will be soon celebrating it's 25th anniversary. It's got its name from town's name. The name of Kamnik comes from the word for a stone. So that's why we're little stones - stonies.

Scouts - members of the troop - are formally named boy scouts and girl guides. They are from 11 to 15 years old. Because there's so many of us (30-40) we're devided to smaller groups called patrols.

Patrols are devided to boys and girls and are mixed by ages so that younger can learn from older and older can learn how to work with younger. Each patrol has its patrol and vice patrol leader which are the oldest in patrol and they lead meetings of patrol. Each patrol meets once a weak in our scout centre at the time it suits to its members. Meetings lasts for 1,5 to 2 hours. Another characteristic of patrol is that every scout has its own task for which he has to take care so that patrol works normaly. First scout law says: It is an honer to get a confidence. That means it's not the end of the world if somebody "forgets" his duty but he finds out that he's an important part of the patrol because whithouth his duty things don't go as they should. With taking small responsibilities we learn what it waits for us later in our life in much grater way.

Patrol leaders, vice patrol leaders and troop leaders meet together every week on so called patrol leaders meeting. We have these meetings in our scout centre. On these meetings we check patrol meetings from last week and prepare ourselves for following meetings.

Whole troop meets at least once a month, usually on last weekend of a month. If it's possible we have activities in a nature. We learn how to live together with a nature because it's our second home and we do care about it. For instance we learn how to:
- make that kind of a camp fire that starts burning with one single match and made totally out of what nature gives us (that means without paper, liquid fuel or happy fire),
- make benches, tables, towers, houses on trees and much more only with use of wood and rope, withouth nails and hammers,
- bake a bread or other pastries withouth use of electrical oven,
- forecast a weather forecast for next day almost as good as our meteorologists,
- give us a map and compas into our hands and we take you practically wherever you want (just not where our leaders would want :)),
- and much more.

Some of our typical activities and camps which happen during weekends through all the year are: autum weekend camp, winter weekend camp, scouts promises (weekend camp, usually in April or May, where beginners from all age groups of our scout group after 2/3 of a year long preparations decide to give a scout promise and get scout scarf), trips and hikes of whole troop or single patrol for one or two days, meetings with other troops around Slovenia, orientation matches and regional and national meetings of whole Slovenian scouts. But the best of all is, of course, summer camp which usually lasts for 10-14 days. Usually we have camps and activities always on different places so we can always find out something new. Each year in troop is something special, too. For instance, we've survived The hunger games, pirates, Mystery island of Jules Verne etc.

If you want to meet us, contact our leaders.

Be prepared! 

Troop Kamenčki 2007/2008 on autumn camp in Trboje

Learning from eachother at patrol leaders meeting

A regional summer camp with 430 scouts

 The ship we've built at Secret island, summer 2006

Shipwreckers of Secret island, july 2006

Patrol goes out from the camp for 24 hours

We can cook even in snow

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