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The pack is composed of old wolfs (leaders) and cups - scouts and guides of the age group 8 to 11 (3., 4. and 5. grade).

Life in pack evolves by discovering of The Jungle Book (author Rudyard Kipling), and that's the origin of our group. All the characters and names are from this book and also a lot of events is very similar as in the book. We take great care to obey two cubs' laws and the law of the jungle.

Our pack is composed of boys and girls and it is guided from leaders, named by the main characters from The Jungle Book:

  • grey wolf Akela, who takes care that everybody obeys the law of the jungle,
  • black panther Bagheera takes care that young cubs are well and healthy, that they brush their teeth, stretch their paws ...
  • green Indian python Kaa who is always full of ideas and helps us at making any kind of products,
  • woman Mesua, Mowgli's true mother, who takes care that we are always close to Tha, the Creator. But she also pamper us with her cooking abilities.
  • mother wolf Raksha who protected Mowgli when he fled before tiger Shere Khan and she took him into her den and adopted him. Every scared cub can run into her arms.
  • Chil the vulture who spends a lot of time high in the sky when he flies around and look for food. He is very useful because he can bring all kind of massages while he can see very far, he delivers mail and also gossips.

Every year we have at least 3 trips (in autumn, winter and spring), winter weekend camp and summer camp. We also meet with other packs. In the spring we go on scout promises where our youngest cubs make a cub's promise and receive a scarf which is slightly different from the other scout scarfs of our scout group (the cubs are something special ;).

If young cub scouts want to make a promise they must work hard for the whole year. They must catch 4 preys (Akela's, Bagheera's, Kaa's and Mesua's) which covers 4 areas of development (personality, care for healthy body, manual skills and spirituality). But the development is not finished with the promise because older cubs grow and develop, too, therefore they also catch preys.

We meet once a week for 2 hours. We set a fixed term on the beginning of the year so that it suits everybody, but usually we meet on Friday afternoons. We enjoy our meetings very much (the cubs would gladly confirm that if you ask them). We play a lot of games, sport, competitive games, tricks ... We listen to the stories, make any kind of things (cards, masks ...) and at the full moon we gather at the Council Rock. We won't describe this meeting to you while it is a very secret event and you have to be a member of the pack to participate. Sorry :). But you can join us at any other occasion. Contact our leaders for that.

See you and be as best as you can!

Pack 2008/2009 - group photo

we are creative

we do our dishes

we have to cooperate

games on the snow

we're full of different talents


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