Mamutov steg - Kamnik 1

domača stran kamniških skavtov


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From the very beginning of scouting in Kamnik we preserve an old tradition of scout knighthood. We proceeded from Baden-Powell who connected the whole scout movement with the knighthood. This we are reminded by the following symbols and acts:

  • the lily in our symbol represents purity and knighthood,
  • 10 scout laws are resumed from 10 knight laws,
  • prayer of rovers and rangers is almost the same as knight pray,
  • scout oath with which newly appointed knight promises his/her knighthood and in this way rises his scouting on a higher, knight level.

Good preparation for knighthood takes at least two years from the ceremony of the true scout oath which means that scout or girl guide becomes a knight the third year in the troop or possibly even in crew. Among knights you are accepted during special ceremony which took place on St. George's Day, knight and scout patron, or on the eve of scout ouths. In the ceremony cooperate old knights and populus - people - scouts which haven't finished their knight preparations yet. A knight makes himself/herself a sword and a shield for which he/she takes good care of. Every newly appointed knight writes his/her name in a Golden Book of Knights of Mammoth's scout group. After the ceremony populus leaves but the knights have honourable round desk where they greet novices and accept decisions about further development of the knighthood.

Some of the honourable tasks of knights are:

  • they accept new knights among themselves,
  • they participate at the honourable round desk,
  • on Ester they guard God's grave,
  • they actively participate at the novices promises.

Round table

Round table session

Knights line up

Guard of honour before scouts promises on lake Bled island


Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke za zagotavljanje boljše uporabniške izkušnje in spremljanje statistike obiska. Z nadaljevanjem obiska tega spletnega mesta ali izborom opcije "Strinjam se" se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov, v primeru nestrinjanja pa lahko zapustite to stran.